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Oscar Pistorius not wanted at London Anniversary Games
Posted by on Apr 17th, 2013

“I don’t want to see the Sunday of the Anniversary Games turning into a media circus,” …that’s what UK Athetics chairman, Ed Warner, said when commenting on whether SA’s Oscar Pistorius will be competing alongside track stars like Usain Bolt at the upcoming London Anniversary Games. Turner followed that up with “based on what I know at the moment it would be a no if he rang this morning.”

Pistorius is free to travel after his bail conditions were changed and his agent mentioned previously that he would be welcomed back to the sport, but it seems that UK Athletics is not quite on the same page.

“It would overshadow every other athlete that was there.

“It’s not about innocent or guilty, it’s about how you handle an individual with a difficult moral situation hanging over them.” [BBC]

I wonder if he would actually go and compete if they said he could.

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