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The Billabong Pro surfing contest in Jeffery’s Bay is no more
Posted by on Apr 11th, 2013

Sad news for surfing SA…Billabong has withdrawn funding for the annual Billabong Pro in Jeffery’s Bay. The Eastern Cape surfing event has been held at J-Bay for the past 25 years and the area faces a R20 million loss in income as a result.

Billabong is having financial problems and is currently up for sale.

billabong pro j bay

That pretty kak news for the surfing community hey.

“Event spokesman Craig Jarvis said the contest could have been saved this year if there was government funding. “But that is unlikely to happen. (It) is a huge disappointment for the local community and (for) surfing.” [BDLive]

Common government…you spend millions on a damn useless Free State website so throw some cash at J-Bay.

Save the Billabong Pro.

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