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Pro cyclist says sorry for pinching podium girl’s butt [pic]
Posted by on Apr 3rd, 2013

Ya hey..sexism and the objectifying of women has been making headlines lately and now comes this pic of a professional cyclist who has been accused of harassment and being a downright disgrace for his behaviour on the podium after finishing second in the Tour Of Flanders. Peter Sagan issued an apology after he got his ass handed to him on social media sites when he was photographed doing this.

peter sagan ass grab

Sagan issued a video apology saying sorry to the girl and anyone else he may have offended.

He even looks like all the blood in his body is in his legs and there’s none left to go to his only functional brain cell.

And why do they even have podium girls in this day and age anyway? That’s some archaic sh*t they need to eliminate from sport. If the sports administrators are condemning Sagan’s behaviour then they should be setting the example and get rid of that tradition.

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