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The ban on alcohol sales on a Sunday in Cape Town is OFF
Posted by on Mar 28th, 2013

Sunday drinkers rejoice because the new liquor law banning alcohol sales on a Sunday in the Western Cape which was to come into effect on April 1st has been suspended. With just a few days to go until the ban on liquor sales on Sundays was to be rolled out, the DA submitted a motion to have the new laws amended. City officials will now have to discuss the matter further and it would also involve public participation…essentially meaning that you’ll be able to buy booze on Sunday for a good few months still.

So Ultra Liquors and Midmar in Green Point and Harley’s in central Cape Town are now back in business on a Sunday.

As for the other new liquor laws (like the one where retailers won’t be allowed to sell liquor after 6pm during the week HERE) that were due to take effect on April 1st i have no idea.

The DA is getting flack from opposition parties though for the urgent application.

“In a surprising turnaround that caused an uproar in the city council yesterday, the DA submitted a last-minute motion to amend the section that bans the sale of liquor on a Sunday. “

“Opposition parties called the request “a political ploy”, saying businesses close to the DA were putting pressure on the party to amend the by-law. ” [Cape Times]

Now you know.

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