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New World War Z trailer…Brad Pitt, SA actor Fana Mokoena and zombies [video]
Posted by on Mar 26th, 2013

A new trailer for World War Z was released yesterday and if you didn’t already know it’s basically a zombie apocalypse movie and Brad Pitt must save the day blah blah blah. Few things different though than your run-of-the-mill end of the world story and for starters the zombies are not your average slow ass no brains fodder…these zombies are quick  and will f**k your sh*t up in large collaborating groups.

The second thing of note is that one of the actors in World War Z is South Africa’s Fana Mokoena from Generations and Hotel Rwanda fame. He appears in this new trailer and you’ll recognise his Saffa accent at the 1.44 mark.

I’m not sure im happy with these new athletic type zombies hey.

Not cool.

world war z trailer

Looks rad.

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