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Introducing the Samsung GALAXY S4…all you need to know [video + infographic]
Posted by on Mar 15th, 2013

Ya hey…smartphones are getting smarter, faster and better by the day and i wouldn’t be surprised if in the next year they start making coffee or delivering babies hey. TheBlackBerry z10 just came out and the iPhone 5S is due for release in the near future, but today all eyes are on the Samsung GALAXY s4  and it’s gesture control. don’t even have to touch the screen. You just wave your hand in the air above it to scroll up or down.

It even has a smart pause feature that watches your eye movements so when you watch  video and look away it pauses.

Oh and it has a 13MP camera.

Check it.

Some pretty rad features that hey.

For you tech geeks. Here’s the specs of the Samsung Galaxy vs the iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10 and the HTC One.

So now you know.

[graphic via CNET]

TheFran says:
March 03, 2013 at 8:47 am

Compared to the S3 the S4 basically has a gazillion more useless bells and whistles, and a better camera?

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