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Virginity of THIS ultra realistic sex doll up for auction…highest bid currently R962 000 [pic]
Posted by on Mar 8th, 2013

Meanwhile in Brazil. A sex toy company is offering one lucky bidder the chance to be the first person to have sex with Valentina, the world’s most sophisticated and ultra realistic sex doll. And currently the highest bid is $105 000…or just under a million Rand. Yep, some guy is actually bidding that amount for the virginity of a rubber sex doll. But wait there’s more…the highest bid will be flown to Brazil and spend the night with Valentina in a luxury hotel in Sao Paulo, and can count on a dinner by candlelight with champagne, a romantic bath with rose petals, special lingerie and a video camera to film it and show your mom your new girlfriend.

Cue all the factory workers at the sex toy company laughing their asses off at the dumbass bidding all that money for a chance to deflower Valentina after they all already made sexy times with her.

valetina sex doll

I know you just turned your head to the left to get a better look.

Anyways..for a million Rand, Valentina better be able to limp her rubber ass to the shop and buy beer.

Click the pic to go to the website. It’s in Portugese though.

[via Huffington Post]

David says:
March 03, 2013 at 7:59 am

Probably a publicity stunt; you’ll find the person bidding is PROBABLY affiliated to the company and won’t need to pay a thing.

Jagter says:
March 03, 2013 at 7:59 am

Not great publicity for whoever the chop is who wins the auction.

Whenever someone googles him for a job application or anything along those lines, he will always appear as the guy that paid $100K to pump a rubber doll.

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