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Rad footage of what it was like at the Holi One colour festival in Cape Town [video]
Posted by on Mar 4th, 2013

I didn’t get the chance to attend the Holi One festival in Cape Town over the weekend and if you didn’t either then it seems we missed out on good times hey. Thousands of people dressed in white rocked up to the Grand Parade to throw coloured powder in the air and at each other every hour. The Holi One Festival is traditionally held in India to celebrate spring, but other countries around the globe are now throwing their own ones.

This is what it felt like to be in the middle of the crowd.

Good times. Video courtesy of my man Dan Calderwood. Nice one @dancalders.

Were you there? Can you spot yourself in this pic?

Click for the larger pic.

For more images go check out the Facebook page HERE.

March 03, 2013 at 10:35 am

That looks so cool ! Glad to see an event that’s not a strike, riot or march !

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