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Crazy footage of female free diver grabbing a Great White shark and going for a ride [video]
Posted by on Feb 18th, 2013

Normally i’d say you’d need balls of steel to swim with Great White sharks outside of a protected metal cage, but that isn’t exactly applicable in this case since the person in question is the girl below, Ocean Ramsey. I have no idea what the female equivalent of balls of steel is (lips of iron?), but she has it.

swimming with great whies

That’s Ocean Ramsey..yes that’s her name and don’t laugh unless you can do this.

And here’s the GoPro video footage of her playing with that big fishy.

Just keep swimming…just keep swimming..swim swim swimming.

Ray says:
February 02, 2013 at 3:39 pm

Yoh… That’s epic!
… and she’s a belter!

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