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  • Watch this hitchhiker give the best news interview of the year after saving some lady [video]
    Posted by on Feb 5th, 2013

    It’s only February, but i bet you this dude will still hold the title of best news interview of the year in the months to come. You see Kai is a homeless hitchhiker and witnessed some crazy guy attacking a woman so he stepped in a saved her…with a hatchet! But don’t let me tell you the story….grab some coffee and let hero of the day Kai break it down for you during his FOX news interview.

    Warning – he swears..a lot.

    Cool story bro.

    “Smash, smash…smaaaaash!”

    kai interview

    That’s how you tell a story.

    Well played Kai…i’m slow clapping at your awesomeness.

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