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Chelsea player kicks a ball boy…not really, but the little sh*t probably deserved it [video]
Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013

Ok so last night Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, got sent off for kicking a Swansea ball boy. Football headlines round the world will no doubt make it seem like he kicked the kid in the face from point blank range in a malicious way, but i just watched the footage and oh please…that  damn ball boy put on his best Suarez impression and acted like he was shot by a sniper. This after Hazard simply kicked the ball out from under him because the little sh*t was lying on the ball preventing Hazard from taking it.

Not only are soccer players worldwide ridiculed for dramatic unnecessary theatrics, but now ball boys are doing it too.

Seriously…even if i wasn’t a Chelsea supporter, that is some bullsh*t. That kid threw out some serious Oscar winning drama like Hazard broke his ribs or something.

Suarez probably saw that, stood up and started slow clapping.


And of course the moment Hazard kicks the ball out from under the kid he steps over him and obviously sensationalist publications around the world use this image as the one explaining the incident.

Yes that looks bad, but from the footage it’s clear he was just climbing over him.

Seriously…how is that deliberate. Remember when Eric Cantona fly-kicked a fan…now that was deliberate.

Someone in the world Cantona watched the Hazard incident and shook his head saying “f**king amateurs”.

January 01, 2013 at 7:36 am

Bottom line if players didn`t set the bar when it came to theatrical talent then the lad would have been less likley to overreact, he was only repondi g as his role models do!
Either way, any violence or attwmpt of it on a football field should be a kife time ban. Proffessional players get paid enough to respond in a reesponsible manner and no excuses should be made when they lash out. This is currently a real issue in footaball and the culture of behaving like a spoilt brat who throws toys out the pram when things don’t go their way sets a terrible example for youngpeople who idilise.some of these players.
Tge authorities should support these youngsters by deminstrating that there are con sequenses for your actions especially when you are responsiblefor them.
Footballers are overpaid and punishment should send warnings to other players that this will not be tollerated.

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