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Apparently Beyonce fans are outraged she lip-synched the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration [video]
Posted by on Jan 23rd, 2013

And in other important US news…apparently music fans are having a frothy at the news that Beyonce lip-synched the American national anthem at Obama’s inauguration. The backing band revealed that she mimed her way through the Star Spangled Banner and even pretended to rip out her ear piece for dramatic effect.

Beyonce-ites (or whatever her fans call themselves) are defending the singer saying it was cold and blah blah blah shut your pie holes.

Whatever…here’s the video of her performance. See if you can spot any Milli Vanilli tendencies.

Did you watch it..i didn’t so don’t ask me.

Master Sgt. Kristin duBois said the Marine Band played live for every song — except Beyoncé’s national anthem. The band and Beyoncé bluffed their way through a prerecorded version, she said.

Her comments burned up the Twittersphere as duped fans expressed outrage.

“Apparently Beyoncé’s inauguration performance was as dope as Lance Armstrong biking through the French Alps,” said one disappointed fan.

“Its like when i found out santa claus wasnt real… how can you do this humanity?” wrote another.”[Daily News]


That last comment made me even more nauseous than writing this damn post!

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