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Awesome interactive 360 degree aerial panorama of Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Jan 11th, 2013

So this morning i stumbled across an article published yesterday of an aerial panoramic image of New York that’s going viral after the photographer won an award recently. It’s a composite image created by assembling thousands of high-resolution 3D aerial panoramas taken of the city during helicopter tours. You can zoom in and around Manhattan and the birds eye view gives you a remarkably detailed virtual tour. Then i wondered if the creators, AirPano from Russia, have created something similar for Cape Town and well we’re in luck because they did.

Check this.

Airpano Cape Town

There are 8 different helicopter panomaric images including the city centre, Lions Head Clifton and the Sea Point areas. You can even get a pretty detailed view of the fancy expensive houses high on the slopes of Fresnaye.

If you have a big monitor and click on the fullscreen view you get pretty detailed view.

It’s not nearly as impressive as the New York panorama, but still it’s Cape Town and you’ll get a kick out of seeing the city from the air and finding your house, office or apartment.

Here’s the interactive photo, just click the full screen view

Good times.

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