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Top 20 trends for 2013 from Trend Hunter [video]
Posted by on Jan 10th, 2013

If you’re a brand or in the advertising/marketing industry then best you watch this video on the Top 20 trends for 2013 hey…it will give you some pretty awesome ideas as to how to reach you customers and target consumers in more innovative ways than your competitors. In today’s age of social media the best ideas spread really quickly and you’ll come out winning if you’re the first to adopt a new trend. Don’t be that company who copies others…set the benchmark.

Did you catch the BOS ice tea vending machine in Cape Town at the beginning there and the PUMA modular retail container that was in the city. See now those are ideas are setting the trend.

Expect to hear words like immersive branding and manufactured addiction to be thrown around in strategy meetings.

trends 2013

Get involved and don’t get left behind.

The video was created by the very well respected and top trend forecasting site Trend Hunter. Go check them out for more ideas.

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