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Life is Savage stats for 2012 – over half a million unique visitors [pic]
Posted by on Jan 8th, 2013

Ya hey…i was gonna write this post at the end of last year then my sh*t got lazy and i also forgot so here are the 2012 analytics for Life is Savage. You advertisers and brands etc. who always ask what the stats are can justify to their clients the millions of cents they are paying me for a campaign and also for the benefit of potential advertisers who are looking for a local website to place an ad and want to know what they’ll be getting. It’s also pretty rad to see how many folks take the time to read all the crap i write and then return for some more of the same. I love you guys.You touch me on my happy.

Life is Savage got over a million views in 2012 with more than half of that being absolute unique visitors with a bounce rate of 72%. Don’t ask me what that means, but i’m told it’s what the ad and PR peeps are looking at.

And judging from this wordpress dashboard stats graph it seems there was a pretty decent growth rate in views over the past year hey.

That’s a thumbs up by the way and not a deformed green penis. ( mental note – work on power point presentations)

November 2012 saw nearly 70 000 unique visitors and if the trend continues then hopefully 2013 will see Life is Savage break the milestone million unique visitor mark.

And the ad rates are still the same as last year just in case you’re a potential advertiser or brand willing to get involved with the home of the good times. Just lick HERE if you wanna see what the damage is gonna be. Bear in mind that the most expensive ad spot will set you back a massive R100 a day…or R4 an hour.

Yep…just R4 an hour. That’s what it boils down to. Half of what you’ll be paying a car guard in the city centre.

I’m a cheap date.

And let’s not forget about the quality of readers that frequent Life is Savage. I could tell you all about the young, trendy demographic and high LSM numbers, but blah blah blah.

Bottom line…the readers are the most f**king outstanding people in the country. That is all.

The fine people, are what makes Life is Savage worthwhile. I thank you with my whole body.

Now let’s f**k sh*t up in 2013 hey.

Bonus round: @lifeissavage is approaching 7000 high quality sexified followers on the Twitter so go follow for more kak praat.

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