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Picking Up Stompies: Holiday Edition 07/01/213
Posted by on Jan 7th, 2013

Life is Savage is back online today after a very relaxing 2 week break from bringing you the good times and if you’re like me then then you’re likely to not know what happened in the news recently so i rounded up some of the more interesting stuff you may have missed.

most expensive tuna

A 222kg Bluefin tuna sold for a record $1.7 million…that’s R14.7 million. Anyone got a boat? [TimesLIVE]

Swaziland bans mini-skirts and mid-riff revealing tops saying they provoke rape [Business Insider]

President Jacob Zuma said buying a pet dog is a white thing and caring more for their dogs shows a lack of humanity [LA Times]

Nelson Mandela health scare after the great man spent 20 days in hospital, but was finally discharged with doctors saying he suffered from a lung infection [M&G]

Hugh Hefner (86 years old) got married on New Years eve to Playmate Crystal Harris (26 years old)good luck with that shrivelled up biltong wanger Crystal. [USA Today]

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye Wests baby [EOnline]

South African mountain bike champion Burry Stander died after being hit by a taxi. Sad. [Sport24]

South African Airways secured a R550 million emergency bailout loan to prevent grounding of international flights [Fin24]

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