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Skrillex is coming to SA in’s official [pic]
Posted by on Dec 10th, 2012

Boner alert for all you electronic music seems it’s official that Skrillex is coming to tour South Africa in 2013. I say ‘seems’ because well f**k knows why people say ‘official’, but don’t give details. Anyways…Electric Music the company that brought deadmau5, Steve Aoki et al to SA and are also bringing Swedish House Mafia, have sent out the following tweet which i’m assuming is official proof that Skrillex is coming.

Skrillex SA
See what they did there? Something big…with the SA flag hidden in the Skrillex like logo thingy.

Saw several sources say it’s confirmed, but nobody got actual proof so in the spirit of doef doef music let’s just pretend that it’s a done deal hey.

The Skrillex Twitter account apparently responded ‘Feb?’ when asked when the tour to SA was supposed to happen. Using my highly tuned powers of deduction im assuming the question mark after Feb indicates that he doesnt know either, but it should be somewhere close to that month.

Go follow them though @electricmusicSA to keep in touch with all the latest details. That and go check all the other music related SA websites. I know f**k all when it comes to dance music stuff.

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