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Mascot FAIL for the UCI Road World Championships 2013 in Italy [pic]
Posted by on Oct 25th, 2012

So at about 3am last night the towel hook in my bathroom fell down and the bang when it hit the tiles honestly scared the crap out of me. Naturally as one does at 3am i checked my phone and saw a tweet that made me laugh, but i thought it was just a joke. Woke up this morning and Googled it, but found nothing…until just now when i doubled checked an Italian website and low and behold…there it was. Given the kak going on in the world of cycling centred around Lance Armstrong and his lifetime ban for doping and lying, please amuse yourself at the International Cycling Unions mascot fail for the Road World Championships 2013 in Toscana, Italy.

Wait till mainstream media get a hold of this.

UCI mascot

Hahahahahaha! That is glorious. Pinocchio.


That definitely deserves a standing slow clap.

Well played UCI…well played.

Ya’ll may wanna rethink your mascot before the event in September next year.

[via @niclamond]

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