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Win R100 000 worth of prizes in the Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge
Posted by on Oct 15th, 2012

Summer is nearly upon us (don’t count today) and it’s time you start thinking about getting yourself in shape for those days when you’ll be lying on the beach or next to the pool. If you’re lacking the motivation then i have something for you lazy folks out there…how does R100 000 worth of prizes sound? Yep…the Sleekgeek Summer Body Challenge will not only get your ass into shape, but you may well walk away with R20 000 for your efforts.

Founded by Elan Lohmann, the Sleekgeek Revolution has been making massive waves across SA and today is your final chance to enter the Summer Body Challenge. I know you want to. Don’t be left behind pal.

Up for grabs:

  • R80,000 cash
  • R20,000 worth teeth whitening from Britesmile
  • New Balance sports gear makeovers to the value of about R12,000
  • More

Not too shabby that hey.


After my month long Hybrid Nutrition September Challenge, i’ve been looking around for my next challenge and i won’t lie…Sleekgeek sounds perfect. And i may just walk away with a tidy R20 000 for my efforts. I’ve seen the results of some of the previous people who took part and the transformations are remarkable..what’s even more telling is the support given to to each entrant by the community of those taking part. Awesome.

Here’s one of the previous female winners. Crazy difference in just 8 weeks.


And here’s how the Sleekgeek Summer Challenge works.

Sleek Geek

As is obvious there…today ,15 October, is the last heat. Clearly i’ve left it for the last moment to tell you about the challenge, partly due to an error of judgement on my part, but let’s just say that now you don’t have time to think about it.

Like Elan says…Eat clean & train dirty.

Now go register HERE.

Just do it. No excuses. No ifs or buts.

October 10, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Would love to enter but I don’t have that cash on me :(

I started last week gyming and eating healthy –

Going to be keeping track of what I eat and how much training I do!

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