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Best Of Cape Town 2012 – who makes the Best Vegetarian food in CT? [poll]
Posted by on Oct 11th, 2012

Ok so i was intially gonna do another Best Of Cape Town 2012 poll that involved meat and then someone sent me a message saying that not everyone in the city eats meat and i should totally do a poll to find out who makes the best vegetarian food. Don’t be silly i said then i realised that it would actually be very helpful and informative to find out what options are out there…especially since my previous poll was finding out who made the best steak in Cape Town. I’ve also done the best burger in the city previously ( top 10 results HERE)  so it’s only fair that we give the green brigade some love. I also get asked by plenty of foreigners where they can get decent vegetarian food and i never know what to say.

And to be honest we could all do with some good healthy soy and tofu every now and then so let’s hear it locals…

Who makes the best vegetarian food in Cape Town?


As always..this is a crowd sourced poll and i’m using social media to compile the list. If you’re on Twitter then please add #BestOfCapeTown2012 and #BestVegetarian along with your choice so i can track the results.

If you don’t tweet then please leave a comment beneath this post with your nomination and feel free to elaborate on your type of food, variety, venue, location etc.

The results of the previous polls have been awesome so please contribute…it’s a great way of giving people  options and also getting to know Cape Town.

Now let’s hear it..who makes the best vegetarian food in Cape Town?

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