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Watch LIVE: Felix Baumgartner freefall from 36.5 km up at over 1100km/h for Red Bull Stratos
Posted by on Oct 8th, 2012

Felix Baumgartner jumps out of  a capsule from 36.5km up, reaches a freefall speed of 1110km/h (breaking the sound barrier) and touches down on Earth 10 minutes later…and you can watch it all happen live. This is the scenario if all goes according to plan tomorrow when Felix attempts his historic Red Bull Stratos jump which will be streamed live on Youtube. Pending weather conditions, Baumgartner is scheduled to make his jump on Tuesday Oct 9 at 6am MDT which if i’m not mistaken is 2pm South African time.

Felix Baumgartner

Some facts about the jump if all goes according to plan:

  • it will be the highest skydive ever at 36.5km up
  • he will be jumping in a near vacuum where the air pressure is ony 2% of what it is at sea level
  • he will be the first human to break the sound barrier without a vehicle ie. 690mph or more
  • he will break the longest freefall record currently at 4 and a half minutes
  • it will take him approx. 10 min from the capsule to reach the ground
  • he has balls of steel

You can watch the event live via streaming on Youtube HERE. There is currently a countdown clock which right now has the green light and shows 1 day 1 hour and 42 min till jump time.

Good luck Felix.

Harry Friedland says:
October 10, 2012 at 11:54 am

You start 2 of your comments with “He will break …”

Hope that’s all that he will break. Even steel has its limits.

Leightz_SA says:
October 10, 2012 at 11:54 am

UPDATE: Bad weather conditions. Earliest possible launch at 19:30 our time, however update to follow at 17:30

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