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First sighting of synchronized Jean Pant Criminals in Joburg! [pic]
Posted by on Oct 2nd, 2012

Wow…mark today down as a landmark in the history of the Jean Pant Criminal because someone has submitted the first ever proof that the previously undocumented synchronized jean pant criminal does exist. This rare form of jean pant f**kery was spotted at a well known gym in Joburg and if you thought one dude training in jeans was bad..then how about some side-by-side synchronised bicep curls.

Jean Pant criminals

And how’s the detail on the back pockets of our guy in the foreground hey!

Seriously! I feel like this should be submitted to National Geographic or they should make a video and have David Attenborough narrate such a momentous occasion!

Gonna take something special to outdo that this summer, but i’m confident someone in Cape Town will step up to the plate. I mean have you seen some of the past offenders HERE … in particular possibly the greatest one ever spotted in SA HERE.

[thanks Dean]

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