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Hybrid Nutrition September Challenge [before & after pic]
Posted by on Oct 1st, 2012’s been a full agonising month of no carbs for me (bar that one evening at the Dubliner when i smashed a few Guinness) and i won’t lie i do feel much healthier. A month ago Hybrid Nutrition laid down a challenge and wanted to see how much i could improve within 30 days using their products combined with exercise and diet. I hadn’t been to gym in a few months and my fitness levels were pretty kak so obviously i jumped at the opportunity. Happy to report that there has been a noticable change and besides the beer i hardly miss the sweets, chocolates and bread hey. I feel fitter, stronger and healthier and that’s pretty much what the aim was.

Hybrid Nutrition

When i started the challenge at the beginning of September these were my before stats:

  • height: 179 cm
  • weight: 75 kg’s
  • body fat percentage: 16 %
  • fitness level: kak

My goal was to get down to 71 kg’s, a body fat percentage of under 10% and to increase my fitness levels by running. Well i just about managed the first two with my weight now sitting at under 72kg’s and my body fat percentage at around 10 % ( i did the readings numerous times at the gym and some were 12% while others were 10% so i’m claiming the 10%). My fitness levels are still pretty kak and i’m gonna put that down to laziness and being grumpy because i couldn’t eat any carbs. The first week i ran 5km every morning and stepped it up to 10km, but then canned that plan because it was too rainy and cold to run before sunrise on the promenade. I did manage a couple of super-circuits at the gym, but that became boring so i stopped that as well.

I’m sure had i kept up with the cardio training i would have seen an even greater improvement, but i have a plan for my next challenge so i’m gonna have to up my game.

Anyways..since i promised i would take a before and after pic to document the progress, here it is.

Hybrid Nutrition

Not too shabby..can actually see an ab or two hey.

And i also said i was gonna tell you what  Hybrid Nutrition supplements i was taking that ensured i made the most of going back to gym.

For protein i was using Supplements SA pure whey platinum series

Hybrid Nutrition

I made my fat cry with Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix.

Hybrid Nutrition

There were a few other supplements that i use pre, during and post workout, but i’m gonna let you find out that out for yourlf. No point in spoiling the surprise and if you wanna try them out give Andrew and his team at Hybrid Nutrition a call.

They are really awesome.

Good times.

Sheniz says:
October 10, 2012 at 12:44 pm

My friend actually thought that the after photo was photoshopped. Ha!

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