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Cape Town allows cyclists and skateboarders on Sea Point Promenade
Posted by on Sep 27th, 2012

The City of Cape Town has announced that it will open the Sea Point Promenade to cyclists, skateboarders and rollerbladers. Don’t get your panties in a bunch or too excited though (depending on whether you agree or disagree with the idea) because it’s only a trial phase and will run for a month from October 1.

It’s not summer yet, but already at sunset on any reasonably warm evening the promenade is pretty jammed with walkers, runners, kids and dogs (even the odd pig HERE) so i have my reservations about this idea hey. Adding cyclists, rollerbladers and skateboarders to the mix is bound to end up with some angry Sea Point tannies cursing at them. Sea Point tannie-rage is no joke. I’m hoping though we can all get along and survive a month without incident.

Sea Point Promenade

Also any serious cyclists or skateboarders thinking that the promenade can be used to go balls to wall must think again because the city has made it clear that you can use it only for leisurely transportation.

“The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Stormwater, Councillor Brett Herron, has announced that as part of its efforts to build an Inclusive City, the City will be experimenting with lifting the prohibition on the use of bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades on the Sea Point Promenade. This will come into effect from 1 October 2012.

The trial phase will run for the duration of October, which is Transport Month, and has the full backing of the Sea Point Residents’ Association. It will affect the entire promenade, from Mouille Point to Queen’s Beach.” [full media release HERE]

What do you reckon?

Good idea?

6000 says:
September 09, 2012 at 7:26 am

I reckon they need to add crocodiles as well:

Savage says:
September 09, 2012 at 7:26 am

Ha! Yes…your article sums it up pretty nicely. I want it to work, but in my mind that is exactly what i was thinking! Gonna be a proper balls up adding cyclists to the mayhem of a hot summer evening

Marco Morgan says:
September 09, 2012 at 7:26 am

Yo…i dont think its such a distant thought. Currently you have longboarders, and chilled cyclists using the promenade…because the City’s enforcement is way too undercapacitated to hand out fines for skating and cycling with your kids.

i also dont see how the Durban promenade works so successfully, with segdeways, longboards, bikes, bladers, pedestrians, and event the informal traders taking up space,and people are doubtful of it working in Cape Town.

I think we should stop prioritising our citizens, and we should certainly not be prioritizing the rich, white, old, conservative “tannie” and plan our cities around their movements, instead we should be looking a creating our public spaces for everyone.

September 09, 2012 at 7:26 am

It sounds like a great idea but it won’t work…they should rather demarcate specific sections for the rollerbladers and skateboarders…

Last time I was rollerblading backwards and collided with a runner – yes I had to pick him up and apologise, asking if he was ok.

It’s an illogical move…they should just bring back the skate-park that they destroyed.

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