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Knysna still has awesome spelling fails…they sell Ass Chillies now [pics]
Posted by on Sep 25th, 2012

I was in Knysna over the long weekend and one of the first things i did was head back to the local Pick n Pay to see if they still employed that staff member with the glorious spelling skills from the last time i was here…you know the one who was responsible for chicken buggers and ass porridge HERE. Well i’m happy to report that our Knysna spelling champ must still work there with gems like these on display.

Pick n pay

Haha! Not getting the name of your own store right deserves a slow clap.

Then there’s the new variety of Knysna nuts.


I looked and i couldn’t find any ass products, but Knysna didn’t disappoint and the local Fruit and Veg came to the rescue with a new ass product.


Ass chillies…guaranteed to give you ring sting.

Well played Knysna..well played.

[thanks @beerwench1 for the heads up]

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