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Recluse dies with only $200 in the bank, but $7 million in gold coins stashed in his garage
Posted by on Sep 19th, 2012

Ya hey…you get hoarders that collect all kinds of things like old newspapers, animals and even strange kak like their own poo ( yes…there are people who do that: hint don’t Google image search it), but a 69 yr old recluse in California has taken it to the next level by having an obsession with collecting gold much so that while he only had $200 in his bank account, he had amassed $7 million of gold coins (including South African Krugerrands) and stashed it in boxes in his garage.

Walter Samasko Jr of Nevada was found dead in his modest Nevada home after neighbours complained of the smell. When officials looked through his belongings they discovered boxes and boxes of gold coins stashed in his garage.


Neighbours said he pretty much kept to himself and while he left no will the authorities have tracked down  a cousin who hadn’t spoken to him in over a year. She’s set from a pretty life altering pay day.

Here’s the news story.

Make friends with your neighbours never know.

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