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Petrol is going up AGAIN next 37c/litre [wtf?]
Posted by on Sep 17th, 2012

Just two weeks ago the price of petrol in SA went up by a ridiculous 93c/litre HERE and now comes the news that South Africans are in for another probable increase of 37c/litre next month. This will mean that petrol will hit a record high unless the rand gains against the dollar, or the price of crude drops. Tensions in the Middle East make this unlikely and if the situation remains the same, the latest stats from the Central Energy Fund point to a likely price increase of 37c a litre on petrol.

That will mean that it  will be nearly R12 a litre along the coast.

F**k me Tommy.


This is no longer funny. Seriously. I know i’ve used that pic before, but i’m gonna stick with it everytime the price goes up.

“According to the latest statistics from the Central Energy Fund, consumers could be in for another shock with the petrol price rising again by 37 cents a litre, bringing it to just over R12/litre, TimesLive reported on Monday.

The price of 95 grade petrol will jump to R12.43/l in Gauteng, and R11.99/l at the coast.

The increase could also see diesel going up by 49c a litre to R11.44/l.

The reason for the hike is the weak rand and international crude oil prices. ” [Fin24]


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