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Progress update on the Hybrid Nutrition September Challenge [halfway pic]
Posted by on Sep 14th, 2012

Right..i said in the first post HERE that during the Hybrid Nutrition September Challenge that i was gonna take a pic every week for the month of October, but i changed that to one before pic, one pic at the halfway stage and one after pic. Today is just about midway through the challenge and let me tell you…no beer, bread or sweets has made an unhappy chappie. I cheated only a few times (that Guinness at The Dubliner was delicious though), but it has been a vast dietary change for me in the last 15 days. And i’m happy to report that i’ve lost a few kilo’s and ome body fat.

With the help of the magic folks at Hybrid Nutrition i’ve been kept in check with daily supplements and quality  protein shakes as well as sterling advice in terms of training and nutritional requirements.

When i did my first post these were my stats:

  • height: 179 cm
  • weight: 75 kg’s
  • body fat percentage: 16 %
  • fitness level: kak

And now that i’m at the halfway mark this is where i stand.

  • height: 179 cm
  • weight: 73 kg’s
  • body fat percentage: 13 %
  • fitness level: still pretty kak

At least there’s a change!

You can even see a hint of ab!

Hybrid Nutrition

Been running in the mornings  (sometimes), but i’ve added the super circuit to my gym sessions which i think is helping.

Will keep you in suspense as to what supplements i’m taking from Hybrid Nutrition, but in the mean time go have a look at the website HERE and see if you can guess. If you need anything speak to Andrew or one of the other chaps and tell them i sent you. They are lank friendly and helpful.

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