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First person perspective of that muscle car accident in Cape Town [exclusive video]
Posted by on Sep 11th, 2012

Remember a couple of weeks ago there was an incident at a Muscle Car show in Cape Town when one of the revving cars on display ploughed into the crowd that was gathered around it? I wrote an short article and added video footage of the accident HERE and  got some stick from the petrol head brigade in the comment section for saying the driver should have been more careful. The video that was circulating at the time was filmed from a bystander to the side of the car, but yesterday i got sent one from the perspective of one of the people standing in front of the vehicle.

Here’s an exclusive first person perspective from someone standing in front of the vehicle when it surges forward.


You can see the original video taken from the side HERE.

muscle car accident

Ya hey..glad everyone is ok and hopefully they keep having events like this just with more care taken as to where people are standing next time. Everyone who attended loves vintage muscle cars and i’m sure they would love more shows with even more cars.

And if anyone has a 1969 Ford Mustang lying around they wanna donate to me i’ll be happy to exchange it for some of my rare He-Man toys.

Gummy says:
September 09, 2012 at 11:05 am

The event was great and well enjoyed.
I feel the driver should have been more careful, especially dealing with such power.
As for the organizers and to make this events more safe should have had marshals and medics around as accidents can happen anytime.
I hope we all will learn a lesson from this incident.
I for sure now understand the logic of not standing in front of a revving vehicle.

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