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Awkward kid makes ‘Everything I Do’ music video that goes viral [video]
Posted by on Aug 20th, 2012

Back in the old days when i was a kid and you had a crush on a girl you took days choosing songs to make a mix tape to give her. It was a declaration of how much she meant to you and the songs you chose were how you felt (i probably should never have included I like Big Butts and i Cannot Lie in that one tape) about her. It’s 2012 though and kids these days have the interwebs…enter this kid Tom and his viral Youtube video he made for his sweetheart Emily. Tom decided that he would show the world how much Emily means to him by singing Everything I Do by Bryan Adams and it is the most glorious thing you’ll see all day.

Next level romantic this.

Watch till the end. He even does a mean guitar solo impression and after has a message for Emily on how much he cares.

Seriously…form a queue ladies! How romantic was that!

I wanna give that kid a hug and high five and a klap all at the same time. That was magical.

Take a bow dude, that sh*t is gonna haunt you for ever, but huge props for putting it out there. Other kids may make fun of you now pal, but when you’re older i’ll put money down that you’re gonna turn out awesome.

Emily will never ever get a better gift than that. Ever.

Good times.

laura says:
August 08, 2012 at 8:49 am

he needs a good bonking, poor virgin child.

That video made me cringe in the worst way.

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