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Harrison Ford spotted eating at V&A Waterfront in Cape Town [pic]
Posted by on Aug 8th, 2012

Ya hey…word is that Harrison Ford is in Cape Town and was spotted eating at Sevruga in the V&A Waterfront yesterday.

In full Indiana Jones gear.

Harrison Ford

Doctor Jones!

Ok fine that’s not a genuine pic, but according to the restaurant and several folks who were there, he really did eat at Sevruga with Calista Flockhart and their son. As is customary the Cape Town folks that saw them pretended to ignore them and not  one single person took a picture.

Seriously..people tweeted about it and my mate Muzza even sent me a BBM message saying he was there, but apparently none of them know how to operate the camera on their mobile phones.

And don’t gimme some sanctimonius crap excuse that you wanted to respect the privacy of celebrities.

It’s Han Solo ffs! If i was there i woulda totally gone up to him and made lightsaber noises.

If you happen to see him in CT then take a damn picture next time.

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