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Feck…how is this not THE best dive in the Olympics so far?! [video]
Posted by on Aug 7th, 2012

Judges at the Olympic 3 meter springboard diving event clearly have no idea how to spot quality after a German athlete gave their eyeballs the once-in-a-lifetime honour to witness the most gloriously, elegant dive in all Olympic history.

And every single one of their spiteful asses gave him a big fat zero for his outstanding effort.

I mean really…the dude spent 4 years perfecting this dive and they don’t even have the common courtesy to recognise his brilliance.

Oh Feck!

And i’m not swearing when i say just so happens his name is Stephan Feck.

I woulda totally given him an 11. That was like an angel swan-diving into beer.

Judges should be ashamed of themselves.

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