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Hilarious Hitler parody where he realises his SA mobile service is crap compared to Cell C [video]
Posted by on Aug 6th, 2012

Ha! Those Hitler parody videos where he finds out about stuff have been around for ages now and it’s always a bit funnier when it has a local spin to it hey.

Over the last couple of months we’ve seen several of South Africa’s major mobile service providers slash their rates HERE and HERE  and recently HERE….great news for customers and the price war seems like it’s just getting into full swing with several companies taking shots at each other in public. Hopefully it spurs even further drops in rates and data prices till SA is eventually on par with the low rates of other first world countries.

Enter this video i stumbled across this morning where Hitler finds out about the price of Cell C’s mobile services in SA. Watch him have a go at what i’m assuming is Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig.

Cell C Hitler Parody from Spacy Kacy on Vimeo.

Hahahaha! These videos crack me up!

Love it…hope this heats up the price war and we see even further price cuts. What say you other mobile service companies?

Good times.

Robert Lance says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:46 am


Savage says:
August 08, 2012 at 10:46 am

Gets me every time..especially when he strats throwing his toys!

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