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44 000 year old evidence of modern human behaviour found in SA cave the earliest ever
Posted by on Aug 2nd, 2012

Interesting bit of archeological news especially for those of who don’t believe in evolution and what not.

A group of international researchers have discovered the earliest evidence of modern human behaviour in a South African cave. The findings ‘place the emergence of modern hunter–gatherer adaptation, as we know it, to around 44,000 years ago‘…22 000 years early than previous finding. 

Effectively what that means is that the San people were making beads and arrows etc. way before archeologists had previously thought.

The findings were made in the Border cave on the border between SA and Swaziland.

“These new discoveries, however, resemble modern day tools used by San hunter-gatherers so clearly as to remove any doubt as to their purpose.

“You can hold [one of the] ancient artefacts in your left hand and a modern artefact in your right and they’re exactly the same. It’s incredible… the functions are very, very clear,” Dr Backwell told the BBC. [BBC]

Yep…go ahead and tell people that modern human behaviour started in South Africa.

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