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Banksy reveals new Olympic inspired artwork despite ban on graffiti by London police [pic]
Posted by on Jul 24th, 2012

London police have been cracking down on street artists in the run up to the Olympics which begins in a few days with several arrests taking place as well as banning them from Olympic venues. They’ve threatened to remove any graffiti they find, but that hasn’t stopped famed artist Banksy from putting up two new pieces with some of his trademark social commentary.

Nice…and the other one.

Wonder if the London police will remove them?

“In cleaning up London’s graffiti for the Olympics city authorities threaten to squelch the work one of its biggest celebrities, the street artist Banksy, but on Monday the secretive graffiti artist showed he wouldn’t be deterred from creating Olympics-related art while the whole world is watching. ” [Yahoo]

Love Banksy.

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July 07, 2012 at 8:27 am

Wish those graffiti artists would utilise their talent in our city…

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