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Most Insensitive Tweet of the Year goes to this company regarding the Batman massacre [pic]
Posted by on Jul 23rd, 2012

Ya far as insensitive tweets go this is pretty right up with worst fails of the year. The massacre of 12 people at a midnight screening of the new Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado, made frontpage news worldwide and #Aurora trended across all social networks.

The folks in charge of upmarket online fashion company, Celeb Boutique, then sent out this tweet to their 40 000 odd followers which obviously wasn’t very well recieved.

Yep…PR nightmare right there.

The company immediately apologised and said they had no idea about the killings, but their attempt at damage control is still being met with critisism.

For one, the person in charge of the account would had to have checked the #Aurora hashtag to see why it was trending and secondly that “;)” winky face symbol after the word ‘dress’ is being considered an indication that they knew the real reason the hashtag was trending.

Either way they are doing some serious apology work and have sent out several tweets explaining the mess.

Someone at that PR company is getting a massive PK and then fired.

Johnny says:
July 07, 2012 at 9:39 am

Maybe they should have done a more thorough job, but It was an honest mistake! I don’t see why you have to do a blog post on it.

July 07, 2012 at 9:39 am

I don’t know why they bothered to use the hashtag #Aurora in the first place…there’s so many other words that would have been suitable in the 164 character tweet…

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