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Official Twitter page of the SA Presidency hacked or is Zuma really missing Idols?! [pic]
Posted by on Jul 22nd, 2012

The official verified Twitter page of The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa sent out a tweet earlier that is drawing plenty of speculation as to whether the account has been hacked or if  President Zuma is really missing Idols SA.

The account followed by 55 000 people sent out a rather unofficial tweet saying the following…

Let’s take a closer look at that shall we.

Good to see Zuma has his priorities straight.

Either hacked or the person managing the account sent out a tweet thinking it was their personal account?

Yet another example of social media fail. Hasn’t been deleted yet so i’m assuming nobody official is aware yet that folks are shaking their heads at this f**kery.

UPDATE: the official account has responded and said “The last tweet was not an official tweet from The Presidency or the President but rather an administrative error. Our apologies. ”


July 07, 2012 at 8:20 pm

How do we know what is genuine on twitter and what isn’t?

Especially that the Twitter Verify application isn’t allowing any more verifications to happen because “they’re just too busy”…

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