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People Of Sea Point #3 – gold chain with padlock guy [pic]
Posted by on Jul 10th, 2012

Ya hey..the interwebs are a tad dry today so i’m adding another People Of Sea Point post. If you didn’t read the intial post then let me school you quickly…I added a new category to Life Is Savage the other day and since i come across some pretty awesome people along the Sea Point promenade i thought it would be cool to share with you fine folks. Kinda like a People Of Walmart, but just a local Sea Point version. So if you live in the area then feel free to send me some pics hey.

For our 3rd inductee to the People Of Sea Point hall of fame i give you padlock guy.

Please take in the awesome of strolling on the promenade with slicked backed pony tail, Lenny Kravitz style sunglasses, no shirt, leather jacket with sleeves rolled up and buttoned up just below the belly button, hankerchief in the pocket and that glorious gold chain.

Oh but wait..whats that bling on the gold chain?


Wearing a Tri-Circle padlock on a gold chain is next level. Even unicorns are jealous.

Outstanding stuff pal.

Two see the first two inductees to the People Of Sea Point hall of fame click HERE.

And please send in pics of folks you think are worthy.

Rory James says:
July 07, 2012 at 10:42 am

Dude, screw the dude with the Gold padlock, the little chick/dude (i can’t really tell) has got a Ben ten watch. I think i know what the unicorns want more

Nikki says:
July 07, 2012 at 10:42 am

This is priceless! If you ever run out of material in your hood (which I doubt) we have a whole lot of special peeps who live in the Lentil Curtain. Perhaps we should challenge Lentil Curtain against Atlantic Seaboard :)

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