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Internet Doomsday virus will block hundreds of thousands from the web on Monday
Posted by on Jul 6th, 2012

Ok ‘Doomsday’ is bit of spiced up headline since  it’s not like the virus will delete all the info from your computer including your important porn business files, but on Monday up to half a million users worldwide will be kicked off the internet when the Alureon virus is set to hit. The virus affected hundreds of thousands of machines last year and the FBI took precautionary measures to isolate it and redirect infected machines through the siezed servers. Monday 9th July is the deadline when they will shut off the servers.

The virus was created by Estonian hackers and redirects users on trusted websites to ‘spoof’ websites in order to steal financial and personal information.

To check if your machine is infected go HERE.

“The malware lets the hackers control the DNS – the system which lets users access the internet and send email – for criminal activities including fraud.

US and Estonian authorities have been working on the problem since last November, with the FBI arranging temporary control of the infected servers to let users keep accessing the web.

This temporary arrangement ends at 2.00pm (AEST) on Monday, July 9, when computers hit by the DNSChanger will no longer be able to access internet services, according to the Internet Systems Consortium, the organisation which controls the operations of the web.[]

Or this could be an FBI trap to spy on you.

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