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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Instructions 01/07/2012
Posted by on Jul 2nd, 2012

Spain win Euro 2012 after crushing Italy 4-0 .Very unfourtunate and don’t think anyone could have fourtold such a big scoreline. Spanish players brought their kids onto the pitch during victory celebrations. [Soccer Laduma]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes call it quits and file for divorce…citing irreconciliable differences and because Tommy boy likes to dress up as a midget in drag. [CNN]

4000 people watch as pilot dies after his jet crashes at Klerksdorp airshow [iol]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphones banned in the US after patent dispute with Apple [BBC]

US student fighting for his life after being maulled and dragged for more than a kilometer by two chimpanzees at reserve near Nelspruit in South Africa [Life is Savage]

Has the God Particle been found? Scientist prepare to release latest data from the large hadron collider ahead of major conference [Telegraph]

Rupert Murdoch calls scientology ‘creepy, maybe even evil’ and reckons. Says Tom Cruise is number 2 or 3 in the heirachy. Sh*t, if Ruper Murdoch calls you creepy you know there’s problems. [Gawker]

Scientists reveal that rising sea levels cannot be stopped over the next several hundred years, even if deep emissions cuts lower global average temperatures. Well that’s just kak. [Yahoo]

Comrades winner who tested positive for performance enhancing drugs speaks out for the first times..says he’s innocent. [M&G]

Barclays chairman set to quit after rate fixing scandal rocking the banking world [Mail Online]

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