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Drunk bus driver in China caught on camera chewing woman’s face in horror public attack [pics]
Posted by on Jul 2nd, 2012

The Zombie apocalypse has seemingly spread to China after a crazed man was caught on camera attcking a woman in public and biting her face.

A bus driver named Dong (no lies..true story,that’s his name) has been arrested in China after attacking a woman and biting her face. The incident was captured on camera and the woman reportedly requires plastic surgery to repair her face.

According to a translation of a Chinese website:

“A few minutes later, seeing that the man showed no signs of stopping, Ms. Du thought of opening the door to run away. She never imagined that as soon as she got out of the car, the man would tackle her from behind. Ms. Du lost her footing and fell onto the ground. Then something shocking happened. The man crawled on top of Ms. Du and starting biting viciously at her face. Immediately, Ms. Du’s face was badly mutilated by the biting. Seeing this, bystanders one after another went forward to stop the man, but he was like a man possessed and simply couldn’t be pulled off. Afterwards, the Guoxi Police Station police officers arrived at the scene, and managed to restrain this man.” [China Smack]

Chinese websites reported that Dong was drinking heavily before the attack.

Dong…( nothing else to say just wanted to type his name again).

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