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Hey married ladies…there’s an anti-cheating wedding ring that will brand your hubby as yours [pic]
Posted by on Jun 28th, 2012

For the ladies out there who don’t trust their cheating ass husband…you can now make his life a tad more difficult to sneak behind your back by making him wear this ring that is engraved on the inside and will leave the words ‘Married’ imprinted on his finger if he removes it.

It will set you back $550 to keep your hubby in check though.

“’s anti-cheating ring will stop adulterers before they do the deed.

How? The titanium band, which costs $550, has an interior engraving that reads “I’m Married” backward. When the ring is taken off, the words are left imprinted on the wearer’s finger — exposing his or her true marital status.” [Huffington Post]

Kinda silly if you ask me..if you’re even thinking about getting your man to wear that then i’m pretty sure you already know he’s already bumping uglies with other women.

Also that ring is gonna help sh*t if the other women doesn’t care if he’s married or not…like a hooker.

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