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My Sportingbet SA accumulator this weekend…R50 will win you R20 000! [pic]
Posted by on Jun 15th, 2012

Right..hasn’t been any Super 15 action for the last two weeks because of the international games and i wasn’t gonna make any bets, but then i figured i’ve sucked at the rugby so i may as well take a shot at some some football since the Euro 2012 is underway.

Because of the definite  draw possibility,  football is a lot harder to predict than other sports that normally have an outright winner. And of course beacuse of that very reason the odds tend to shoot up if you make an accumulator bet and this week i’m going for a huge win where just R50 is gonna put nearly R20 000 is my account if all the results go my way.

I’ve gone with a mix of wins, a draw and South Africa to beat England by 6-10 points. It’s a long shot, but so what. I’ll be R20 000 richer if it happens and only a couple of beers poorer if not.

If you think i’m crazy then feel free to school me hey. Let me know your secrets and tips etc. If we all win everyone is happy.

And in case you only wanna bet on the rugby then have a look at these tips from the chaps at Sportingbet.

Not sure i agree, but hey…they know their stuff.

Now head on over to Sportingbet SA and put some cash down. Lemme know if you got any bankers.

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