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Married actor tries to score model on a plane…she live-tweets the entire thing [pic]
Posted by on Jun 7th, 2012

Ya hey…would be cheating bastards take notes. Next time your adulterous ass tries to score some model on a plane be aware of the fact that she may be live tweeting your lame pick-up attempt.

Model Melissa Stetten live-tweeted the following yesterday before someone identified the dude on the plane as married actor, Brian Presley who has a young son.

That’s just the first couple of the image for the rest.

Ok so the model may have been spicing sh*t up a tad there. It’s not like the dude said he wanted to bone in the toilets, but still he deserves some public humiliation and a pk from his wife if he really did say some of those things.

[via the Gloss]

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