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Home Affairs to replace your green ID book with a smart card starting in 6 months
Posted by on Apr 26th, 2012

Don’t know about you, but my green ID book is in a sorry state…literally decades old and falling apart. It’s about time we moved onto a more modern way of identifying our citizens.

Home affairs minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said yesterday that the old green South African ID book is to be replaced with smart cards and the first ones will be rolled out in about 6 months. And apparently it cannot be forged. *cough*

The project is already in the pilot phase and will start with first time applicants in six months. The majority of green ID book holders will most likely only see a mass roll out in 2 years time though.

“We decided it is high time we move from the dompass to the smart card,” Dlamini-Zuma said. “At the moment we are in the identification document, which is a transition from the dompass to the smart card. The smart card will allow citizens to have modern identification card rather than the outdated book, which is easy to forge and interfere with.”

Dlamini-Zuma said the card was still in the pilot phase, but that by the time it was rolled out, the department wanted to have dealt with “all the possible hiccups and technical issues”. 

“The cards, which contained high-level security features, could be printed “instantly” and would take “a few weeks to deliver”. [TechCentral]

The old ID book is called a ‘dompass’? Did not know that.

Sounds very similar to what i heard someone call Malema the other day..except there was more ‘oe’ that ‘a’.

Fitting though that the dompass would be replaced with a smart card.

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