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SABC effs up again and shows previews of future Survivor episodes including who will be voted out [pic]
Posted by on Apr 23rd, 2012

It’s no secret that i don’t possess DStv ( *cough hint* ) or watch television in general. I have access to the internet and an external hard drive with a media player so it’s obvious what i watch. When i do watch national tv i dont mind getting stuck into Survivor though. It may be a couple of seasons old, but i do rather enjoy getting annoyed at the characters like Shambo in the currently showing season.

Now its bad enough that the season is old, but SABC didn’t do themselves any favours by previewing a clip of next weeks episode including the tribal council that shows who will be voted out. Le fail SABC.

Spoiler alert: if you don’t already know then don’t scroll down.

That’s contestant Brett Clouser who according to last weeks episode is still in the running, but after it ended  they showed a preview for next weeks episode showing him sitting in the tribal council jury. A clear indication that he will be voted off.

Bravo SABC…you have once again managed to piss off the 7 people who watch Survivor.

If you remember a couple of years back they made a f**k up of epic proportions when in the season finale they showed the reunion show before the final vote episode the show and revealed the winner within the first 5 minutes HERE.


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