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Picking Up Stompies: Weekend Edition 22/04/2012
Posted by on Apr 23rd, 2012

Hundreds of people paddled out in Camps Bay to pay tribute  to killed surfer David Lilienfield. See all the moving pics here. RIP David. [NSRI]

New mobile phone to incorporate X-ray technology. Using a high-tech chip, the phone would allow you to see through walls, wood, plastic and, yes, even clothing. []

Apple Inc’s marketing chief trashes Instagram and deletes his account saying it jumped the shark when it went to Android [CNN]

Klerksdorp magistrate suing justice minister and public prosecuter for R9 million for racial abuse saying blacks were stupid and all Indians look alike. [Metro]

Julius Malema’s political career nearing an end, he is in a financial crisis and no longer a millioniare. Shame. [iol]

Oh and Malema also owes the tax man R10 million  [News24]

Daughter’s secret  hidden camera captures male nurses in old age home beating her 81 yr old mother [Sun]

Kony 2012 campaign fails to go from the internet to the streets. Did you see Kony 2012 posters around Cape Town this weekend..well apparently on Saturday the aim was to cover cities around the world with posters [Guardian]

Prize winning lightbulb with 20 year lifespan  unveiled  for Earth Day [ninemsn]

Prof Tim Noakes is still making waves saying carbs are behind the obesity epidemic. Nothing new Timmy, nothing new. Us folks have been saying for years now that sugar is the enemy. [Sunday Times]

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