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F**king pedestrians… [video]
Posted by on Apr 23rd, 2012

A while back i vented that pedestrians in South Africa have this annoying sense of entitlement when crossing the road. I used Sea Point main road as an example and said that i’m honestly sick and tired of pedestrians crossing the busy road and expecting drivers to stop for it’s their goddam right to do so. And im not talking about crossing at a traffic light or pedestrian crossing. And don’t even get me started on those pedestrians that give you that over-the-shoulder-f**k-you-look if you hoot or question the stupidity of their actions.

Remember that CCTV footage of the dude who was hit by the taxi and then kicked in the face HERE. Well i said that the pedestrian may not have deserved it, but he most certainly wasn’t innocent for taking his sweet ass time to cross the road illegally and not even bother to look up for the approaching taxi.

Anyways..i just watched this video and it made my blood boil. Thankfully the ambulance driver pulled off some crazy emergency stopping skills, but after seeing the pedestrians reaction i swear you will wish he got out and punched her.

Wow..not even a thank you for not killing her dumb ass.

F**king pedestrians.

[via Reddit]

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