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R20 to win R4000 in my Super Rugby 4 way Sportingbet SA accumulator [pic]
Posted by on Apr 20th, 2012

Right it’s nearly time for Super Rugby action and i’m gonna throw in a sneaky four way accumulator on Sportingbet SA.

Picking just straight out winners is not gonna net you much cash this weekend so i’m gonna go with some harder in-game predictions to increase the odds. Just four things need to happen for my R20 to turn into a tidy R4000.

The Blues need to score first with a penalty, the Stormers need to win, the Waratahs need to win by 11-15 points and the Chiefs need to be leading at half time with the Sharks coming back to win in the second half.

Plausible no?

Ok maybe not so much, but for R20 i’m gonna vat a kans.

Head on over to Sportingbet SA HERE and see if you can come up with a more plausible, but equally profitable accumulator. Lemme know too so i can copy your bet. Sharing is caring.

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