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National Geographic shark research permits cancelled after fatal shark attack in Cape Town
Posted by on Apr 20th, 2012

The controversial National Geographic shark documentary being filmed in Cape Town, which was heavily critised in the last few weeks for attracting sharks to the area, has been cancelled after a bodyboarder was killed by a Great White at Koeël Bay yesterday.

Director of Biodiversity and Coastal Research, Alan Boyd, cancelled all shark research permits for the ‘Shark Men’ project after the fatal attack which claimed the life of 20 year old bodyboarder David Lilienfeld. The attack happened at approximately 1pm near Gordons Bay and witnesses claim a Great White  measuring four to five metres was responsible.

Twitter user @Sven110975 took this pic 15 min after the incident. A shark is clearly visible close to shore.

The National Geographic documentary sparked fears recently that 5 tons of chum would be used to attract the sharks.  It prompted Dirk Schmidt, a wildlife photographer and author of White Sharks to call for a high shark alert to be issued immediately.

“I believe it to be prudent, and as a preventative measure, that a high shark alert is issued and maintained, during, and for several days after, the filming activity.

“Unusual white shark behaviour and an increased presence and possible shark-human interaction or even attacks cannot be excluded.”

Schmidt’s concern was that up to five tons of chum (bait) would be used to attract sharks to the boat. He said the chum slick could be blown closer to beaches by on-shore winds.” [News24]

Chilling prediction just days before the fatal attack yesterday.

” A 20-year-old body boarder was killed on Thursday when a giant shark estimated at up to five metres long bit off his leg in a Cape Town bay, in South Africa’s second deadly mauling this year. David Lillienfeld’s brother Gustav tried to pull him to safety when the shark struck while the siblings were body-boarding, reported the Eyewitness News website. “The deceased man sustained complete amputation of his right leg, below the hip, while body boarding with his brother and friends,” [iol]

Wonder what documentary filmmaker Chris Fischer is gonna say now.

UPDATE: Shark Men filmmaker Chris Fischer gave this response on his Facebook page and it appears he is deleting all the comments that are critical or not in his favour.

Click HERE to see all the comments.

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